WP Getting Started

WordPress Comments

Videos: Using WordPress Comments

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The WordPress Visual Editor

Videos: 1) Using the WordPress Editor, 2) Editing Posts & Pages, 3) Using Post Excerpts, 4) Pasting Content from Word, 5) Adding Paragraphs, 6) WordPress Heading Styles, 7) WordPress Embedding Media, 8) WordPress Creating Hyperlinks, 9) Using Lists

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Using WordPress Pages

Videos: 1) Adding A New Page, 2) Using the WordPress “Trash”, 3) Restoring a Deleted Page

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Using WordPress Posts

Videos: 1) Adding A New Post, 2) Using the WordPress “Trash”, 3) Restoring a Deleted Post

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All About The Dashboard

Videos: The WordPress Dashboard

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Publish A New Page or Post in WordPress

As you likely know by now, your WordPress blog-based website has many ways to publish content within, such as pages, posts and comments. Pages and Posts are very similar in their methods to publish. In many cases, they can even be displayed almost identically at your WordPress.

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Log In To Your WordPress Website

The address of your new website is determined by your domain name. If your domain name is CoolSite.com, then your new WordPress website/blog will be located at http://CoolSite.com. This will get you to the public facing portion of your website. In order to get to the admin

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